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Today, tomorrow, that should happen, computers revolt, more, they start kicking hard by shutting down your internet access.
How to code when offline? You realise you had to be ready, but from now this is too late.
What should you did?

Code - Your IDE

Most time your IDE is offline ready, unlike you are using cloud tech. If you are using a cloud based technology to code there is no alternative: no internet mean no code.
For that I do recommend having a second choice editor, like VSCodium don't forget to keep it up to date with the languages you may need.

Check - Your compilers and code interpreters

I can give you a list of interesting things you can add, this list is to check for each language you may use:
- Code compiler / interpreter
- External libs
- Linter
- Offline Documentation (even if you are experimented)

For offline documentation, you can use

Test - Your development servers and test suite available offline

Here is an important point, you will need to check your work by testing it and perhaps using a development server, don't forget to make them available locally as much as possible.


To me git is the only tool I really need, fortunately it can work offline, you can do punctual push to sync online data when internet is available from your laptop, Starbucks or MC Donald's are your best friends, they provide free Wi-Fi just for you in exchange for a drink.
When you are offline, not the all world is, you can get few moments to do the minimum online, don't go to facebook or else, just do the most important things.


For those who use a kanban as I do, you can remake a light version of it using a simple .md file.
You can also deploy your own local kanban using gitea.


I hope this little article may be useful to prevent from panic when internet is down, they are many solutions, I only gave you the one I used.
Whatever can happen, always keep calm and relax, the show won't stop unlike internet.

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