Why a Blog?



  • To be able to express myself not over someone else.
  • To fight against disinformation.

Above, the article, published on MSN the mainpage of the main browser on Microsoft Based system said "the wife of the french president is even more evil than he".
Such stupid news are numerous and make much money for hosters, you cannot fight in their home, they control content.
The only way?
Building your own to promote your ideas, not theirs.

What about social networks?

The question remain: "Why having a blog in 2022?".
Today, people may suppose this is easier to host our data on someone else servers, such as facebook, WordPress, Twitter and so many.
They ever have their friends there and can easily relay information using one click.
The problem is people will judge your opinion, you may lose a friend because you relayed something unpleasant for he.
Your freedom of expression doesn't exist on these social networks, they only relay content according to their editorial slant "We employ dedicated teams around the world and develop advanced technical systems to detect misuse of our Products, harmful conduct towards others, and situations where we may be able to help support or protect our community." --Facebook TOS. Don't forget, they are just talking about text, picture or video, not about a live crime.
Using a social network today, to replace real contact is a good idea, the problem is when you entrust these services to third parties, their material, their laws.
Having a blog permit you to own this material and to control 100% of the information provided.

WordPress, blogpost and alternatives platforms

There are many free hosting platforms, they work the same as social networks: for themselves.
If you are using a free blog hosting, they sold advertisement, these pages on which you don't have any control over have two issues:
- You don't control the content of advertisements, anything can be added to your website, that mean you don't have the control over information.
- Advertisements are more important than content, a primary point, if you write something to internet this is to be viewed, your content won't be as viewed as advertisements, most people will just remind ads.


Having a blog is not an end by itself, you can share information on many places, using many ways, a blog is just one tool among all them.

A domain name

This point is important, on internet having a domain name is like having a house, you can store things, share, invite people and make your own world from it.
Not having a domain name mean you will just be able to visit someone's else house.

Hosting your own blog

This is not the purpose of this article, anyway there are two main ways to do.
The first one is to simply buy a WordPress (or WordPress like) hosting with domain email etc... this solution is not that expansive, even limited in views, try to reach the limits before wondering how that will happen when you'll be THE reference on internet.
The second one if you are a professional, or enough skilled, is simply to use your own server, this solution is really cheap and totally flexible.

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